I need your opinion on sound effects in a space game

Discussion in 'Public Game Developers Forum' started by jonmulcahy, Mar 2, 2015.

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    I have a game that I released on the iPad a few years ago. Touch Arcade liked it, along with a bunch of other review sites of the time. I am currently doing a massive port of the game to the FireTV (gamepad support, widescreen conversion, improved graphics) and I'm having an internal debate on the sound effects.

    If you watch the video below you'll see what I mean. Starting around 50 seconds you'll hear the landing sound, the walking sound, the portal opening sound and the jumping sound.

    I'm thinking of removing the sounds as in space you would not really hear them, but I am afraid that if I do that, the game will become too quiet.

    I've also thought about maybe introducing some very soft breathing in place of the footsteps just to fill it out.

    The background music will stay, it plays a big part of the game.

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    I typically mute mobile games but want sound for TV games, so I'd say keep the sound effects since they help you feel more immersed in the virtual world.

    The background music is quite nice. If you think the sound effects steal too much attention from the music, then you could tone them down or remove them. However, I think they mesh well, so I wouldn't worry about it. (Plus, it looked like you had an option to mute the sound effects, so if some users really don't like them, they can do so and be happy, too.)

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