i need help with finding this touch and drag game

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    Jan 7, 2020
    so there was a game that i dont remember the name the realese was about 2012 3 i think it was like ur space ship crushed and u land on a piece of land in sky your see the game platform from top and u have charecter so u start drag ing and moving aroud(they were somthing like skates i think) there are coins that u can collect and use to get skins later on or get new random charecters at higher levells agressive mobs will start to spawn and killing them is like puzzele there are bulls and spiders and more after ward like u can make the bull charge u then u can go behind a obstacle so it will hit it or u could bring it to a sacrifise panel(thats why i wana play it again in some ways if u completed the puzzle it would give u some real gps points) and i think thats it i never finished the game so i dont know the end but i would get prety messy at high lvl s when the spider on clouds would come if any one could help i would be glad thanks to u all i have been looking for this game for two years
    and sorry becuse of my bad eng

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