"I Know What You Did Last Halloween" - a contest by G5 Entertainment!

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  1. G5 Entertainment

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    Nov 11, 2009
    Share your most weird and funny Halloween memories to win the game The Mystery of the Crystal Portal (for iPhone or iPad) or a $10 iTunes Gift Certificate. Find out the details on G5's Facebook page!
  2. Jarek

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    Dec 17, 2009
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    Końskie, Poland
    Last Halloween..? Hm, it was so long time ago.
    But as far as I remember I was running around the town with a toy knife... Wait, it was not last Halloween. Ah, right...

    This story is neither funny nor scary. But it is real. I know it may be unbelievable...
    I was at home. I was doing nothing. Totally forgot about Halloween.
    Ate breakfast, went to school, got bored at school pretty quickly, came home, ate dinner (no pumpkin). My parents went out for a while so I was totally on my own.
    Then I realized - "It's Halloween! Let's do something crazy!".

    Thirty minutes later I was sleeping in bed xD

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