I got an idea for a game I know would make millions

Discussion in 'Developer Services and Trade' started by Dubstep, Sep 25, 2012.

  1. Dubstep

    Dubstep Well-Known Member

    Jun 8, 2011
    I'm willing to teach myself to use unity 3d. I have 0 experience programming. I need c++ and java to use unity correct?
  2. ozzieing

    ozzieing Member

    Oct 26, 2010
    To develop an iOS app in Unity you need a Mac, iOS developer licence and a Unity iOS licence. If you've got all of that then you can build Unity apps either in Unityscript (Which is in essence Javascript) or C#. If you need any help starting off then feel free to give me a shout :)
  3. EvilArev

    EvilArev Well-Known Member

    Mar 24, 2011
    Why don't you just sell your house/car/family members and hire someone to do the dirty work for you, if you're so sure of those millions? ;)
  4. Dubstep

    Dubstep Well-Known Member

    Jun 8, 2011
    I have no doubt whatsoever the game I have in mind would be a huge success. I dunno if I'd trust someone else to bring my idea to life though I'd wanna do it myself. If anyone wants to help feel free and we can probably work something out percentage wise. It's not just a simple game though would take a couple years to develop and test.
  5. DemonJim

    DemonJim Well-Known Member

    Nov 19, 2010
    App Developer
    Only advice I can offer here given you have no coding experience is make a really simple game first. Really simple.

    Even if you don't ever release it and this simple first game is some basic pong clone, or just a massively cut-down proof-of-concept prototype of one aspect of this master plan, it will make the whole thing actually feasible.

    What I'm saying is don't jump in at the deep-end until you've learned to swim. Although most of us just learn to tread water then jump in ;-)
  6. psj3809

    psj3809 Moderator

    Jan 13, 2011
    Totally agree, think many people think 'i've got an idea for a game that will make millions' and then get a jolt of reality !
  7. northy179

    northy179 Member

    Jan 19, 2012
    iOS Developer
    People pitch me their million dollar ideas all the time, 99% of the time it has already been done and on the app store or it is a logistical nightmare. I'm not saying this to discourage but you really need to learn the boundaries and logistics of iOS and appstore marketing before you can really plan a successful app.

    If you are truely keen to learn, lynda.com is a good starting point to learn unity. Along with all the tutorials provided on the unity website and community sites.

    Definitely make a simple game first to learn what you need to learn, think of it this way, it gives you time to refine your plan for the perfect game :)

    Rome wasn't built in a day and I'm pretty sure it wasn't their first project :p
  8. Million dollar game ideas don't make money on the App Store.

    Million dollar marketing does.
  9. Also, the odds of you crafting a game of high enough quality game to make millions are about the same as your level of programming experience. Which is to say, about zero.

    You'd be better off, as others mentioned, finding a good developer, a good artist, a good sound effects person and a good musician.

    Even once you have all that, and if you make a great game, you still have a very low chance of actually making money with it.

    Sad, but true.
  10. BazookaTime

    BazookaTime Well-Known Member

    Very true.
  11. JBRUU

    JBRUU Well-Known Member

    May 9, 2012
    The more I read and learn about the iOS market for indie developers, the harder, more frustrating and ridiculously competitive it seems. Even real gems on the AppStore like Crazy Hedgy don't really sell well.
  12. Mormoop

    Mormoop Well-Known Member

    May 20, 2009
    That's true of any "indie" market (music, comics, movies, etc.) It's a huge gamble, and it could all be for nothing. Then again what's the alternative for most of us? You just have to do it and make the best product you can. And if that doesn't work out you got to do it again.

    And for all the complaining about how hard it is, I do have to point out- it's pretty amazing that this opportunity exists in the first place. As screwed up as it it, the iOS market is still an incredibly wide open frontier where it's actually possible for two guys in a garage to make a game that could be a huge hit.

    Maybe a good idea in the games market is not to put all your eggs in one basket? If you can make it for multiple platforms maybe you have a better chance. Google play store, Mac app store, whatever the Windows deal is this month, etc. along with iOS.
  13. Orion Exchange

    Sep 14, 2012
    I definitely agree with the others here. An idea isn't really good enough, you need a marketing plan.

    With no experience, you will not be able to bring this idea to life as you expect, you should get Freelance coders and designers to create this for you, even if you have to hire multiple to do different tasks so your idea isn't copied or stolen.

    Good luck and if you need any free advertising, you know where to find me!
  14. JediKnight

    JediKnight Well-Known Member

    Jul 24, 2012
    DarthGuy's Deathstar
    Yes you need javascript of C#.
    I developed FPS.

    I could help but Im cruel...
  15. gmail

    gmail Well-Known Member

    May 20, 2012
    Crazy Hedgy

    I think this one doesn't sell because of other things not because of a bad product.

    From 5 minutes looking at it I can find lots of stuff done wrong. And sure it could be a hit easily.
  16. Dubstep

    Dubstep Well-Known Member

    Jun 8, 2011
    The idea I have in mind would be a highly addictive mmorpg. What makes it such a success is what I have in mind for the combat play. It's a method I borrowed from a PC game that would be PERFECT for touch screens. Obviously I'd have my own way of making it unique. Not talking AAA graphics either. O&C has awesome graphics and runs nice and smooth and it's over a year old. I'd do a huge beta test and market this all over the mmorpg forums and iPhone gaming forums along with all the other places I gather with people online.
  17. DomAjean

    DomAjean Well-Known Member

    Aug 25, 2011
    I wish there would be a way around to bring your idea to life but there is none.

    Unless you have money to pay others, or you already made mock-ups, game development design documentation, level design documentation etc...or unless you have an interesting demo, nobody will move for you.

    You would waste your time trying to do everything by yourself, so the only thing remaining to do is: To begin by the beginning.

    That means learning how to code or to do graphics, and then, to work on little projects...and then maybe one day, when you will be good and have contacts and that all your documentation for your MMoRPG will be ready, you will have a chance to develop it.

    Good luck! :)
  18. Darth Ronfar

    Darth Ronfar Well-Known Member

    Nov 20, 2011
    Animal related
    I was going to say that its not true that someone really could come up with an idea for a game that would be a hit, like 10000000 or Mikey Shorts and even those games are just simply ideas based on previous gaming experience put to life etc..

    Then I heard it was a mmorpg and thought Naa, their right. It's getting to the point where u have to come up with something not defined by a genre yet like angry birds, cut the rope and temple run were. Also the first TD games. Now it's freemium... That's the new thing that's selling with some exeptions.

    I think I could come up with an idea but since I know nothing about proggraming I'm not going to try.

    There are a few games that I thought if had been done right and added certain things could have been something... Puncho Fighto was and is a great idea..ita basssicly a ragdoll physics type fighter that uses swipes to exocute moves another is trying to be done to some extent is co-op games like Pocket Heroes. But it's still a pretty basic game. My favorite new game has got to be blast away... That's the kind of thinking you need to make a great game.

    A mmorpg would only be cool of it were styled sumthing like a Kairosoft or tinytower type game.. Simple graphics but with advanced gameplay... I don't think a WoW clone with a swipe based fighting style would be that interesting but since I don't exactly what it is I can't say for sure.
  19. Silver Josh

    Silver Josh Well-Known Member

    Oct 12, 2008
    I love the "think big" approach and I hope you'll make it, but it will actually take forever unless you pay others to do what you're supposed to do.

    Developing a MMORPG is tough, even for major developers.

    Anyway, in this field it doesn't matter if you have a great idea.
    The only thing that matters is to make it real, as soon as possible.

    There are thousands of people who think "I have a great idea for an app. If I develop this, I'll get amazingly rich!". Really, I heard this many times from many different kind of people, but that's not the point.

    Maybe, in your case, you really got the great idea (I want to believe it), but that's not enough.

    It will take years to learn programming and once you'll be able to do so, you'll likely need helpers and people as good as you to start working on a MMORPG.
    Other developers, artists, marketers, etc.

    Good luck anyway.
  20. BeatScribe

    BeatScribe Well-Known Member

    Apr 12, 2012
    I don't want to rain on your parade anymore than the others here, who I think are being very realistic by the way. But I think the goal of "making millions" rarely leads to a product that is viable, especially for a first game.

    I think there is at least a secondary gain by making something purely for the creative passion of it. I have worked on games that only made about $2000 but I'm extremely proud to say I made a game, some people liked it, and I can always look back at what I did.

    The same goes for music.

    I feel a bit hypocritical saying this because I do make music for money, I make music for any type of game and try to make it the best I can, but the tracks people always like the most, the ones that get noticed, are the ones I made because I had a great idea I just had to try out or I was really passionate about the project. Probably the most popular thing I ever created was a remix I made just because I felt the song needed to be remixed. It's one of the few pro-level tracks I've made that I didn't get paid for :confused:

    Sometimes it's best to do something as a creative outlet, build it for YOU. When it's good, it will usually at least appeal to a subset of people. Sure there is money to be made aiming at specific markets or creating mass appeal, but those things are moving targets that can rarely be hit on the first try. At least if you make something you love, you will have that personal fulfillment.

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