I can review your standards you know

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    Dec 4, 2014
    I can review your standards you know I'll tell you something is you know all talk about a few just in some things to consider with your standards more importantly that I want to talkabout your goals they're very ambitious goals and they can be better and they can be better be out by becoming more specific and all explain what I mean by that,
    ALPHA Shred
    I tell yet is your standards or driven by your goals the more intense clear in focus your goals are it's easy to step back in crate those daily standards as daily disciplines of things you need to do every single day to achieve your goals when they're clear concise in specific cell do you talk about some things very inspiring terminology like a you want to take yourself to a higher-level my question to be would be to you what specifically is a higher level and how would you know that you achieve that higher-level alright you know one more rounds a muscle and one less Al Sabah teeth out would be a higher level than what you're at the outlet specifically what is a higher level to you get really specific on that you want to be motivated 26 E okay alright what would it feel like what has to happen for you to feel that level of motivationÂ….
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