Hungry Hearts Diner Neo

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In Hungry Hearts Diner, be the boss of a small eatery in a quiet corner of 1970's Tokyo. This casual restaurant manageme…
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In Hungry Hearts Diner, be the boss of a small eatery in a quiet corner of 1970's Tokyo. This casual restaurant management sim comes jam-packed with story, and you'll have a chance to both catch up with old friends and meet new faces. Several years have passed since the events of the previous Hungry Hearts, and Grandma has just moved back into her old diner. Life's not all butterflies and apple pies though, and she has her work cut out for her getting the place back in tip-top shape. Running a diner by yourself isn't easy, especially when you've got bills to pay! ...Luckily, Granny here has some help! You, for one, but also hardworking Sue, her first ever hired hand. The girl's inexperienced, and she drops more dishes than she dries, but she's a lifesaver around the shop. Better yet, she's pleased as peaches to head out into town and run deliveries for you! But enough of that—you're not here to listen to an old woman ramble. So, what'll it be? A nice, simple bowl of rice? Or how about a pipin' hot beef croquette, fresh out of the fryer? This diner serves just about every classic Japanese dish you can find at your average local hash house, and the portions are generous to boot. Stay a while, and Grandma's garrulous manner will soon have you as chatty as her other regulars. They're an odd bunch, and they all seem to have their share of troubles. But after the third bowl of miso soup or so, they'll open up and reveal their stories, both joyous and sad. Strap in for an all new set of tales, with some surprising twists and turns along the way. And remember, everyone's got that one special meal they can just never forget. ---------------------------------- 【Story】 ---------------------------------- On a tiny side street in a nameless little neighborhood sits an old Japanese diner. Things are quiet here; old-fashioned you might say. But of course they are. It's Showa era Japan, and the television is just starting to come into vogue. Come on in, have a seat, and close your eyes. Thunk thunk goes the steady beat of a knife chopping veggies. Hisss; the sound of meat sizzling in a pan. Getting hungry? Good, 'cause the food here's sure to warm your belly and leave you feeling nice and full. Besides, the kindly old granny who runs the place needs all the business she can get. She just opened the diner's doors the other day, and she's busy as a bee trying to stay afloat. Managing a successful eatery's no easy task when you're all by your loneso—huh? Wait a sec, who's that helping her out in the kitchen? Welcome to Hungry Hearts Diner! It's a cozy place, a place where regular folk gather 'round worn wooden tables for a bite—and maybe some friendly conversation, too. Here, you'll find food to fill your belly and stories that'll warm your heart. Thanks for coming, and we hope you enjoy your meal! ---------------------------------- So, let me guess. The question you're asking yourself right now is "is this game for me"? Well, maybe it is. -Do you like casual/idle games? -Do you like games where you run a shop? -Are you looking for a nice, relaxing story? -Ever played any of our other games, like Oden Cart, Showa Candy Shop, or The Kids We Were? (If so, thanks a bunch!) -Are you hungry?* *Warning: This game is not edible. Please don't try to eat your phone. If you answered "Yes!!!!" to any of the above, well, maybe this game's for you. Give it a download and a shot. It's free, so it won't cost you a dime! We very much hope it brings you a smile, and along the way, perhaps even some tears as well. ---------------------------------- English Translation: Samuel J. Allen npckc Simplified Chinese Translation: Wen Li Indonesian Translation: Nita Kusumaningrum Kresna Luginawati Localization Director: Gavin Greene
Seller:GAGEX Co.,Ltd.
Genre:Adventure, Simulation
Release:Oct 16, 2022
Updated:Jan 30, 2023
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