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    Check out our free game: Hunger Calls

    iPad Version (FREE)

    iPhone Version (FREE)

    We’re talking fast food…
    Your customers are starving and it’s up to you to stop their tummies rumbling! Use the conveyors to guide the right meal to the right customer and make some cash. The further you progress the more customers there are to keep happy and the more complex your conveyor belts become, you’ll need to keep your wits about you if you want to succeed and make your diner the best in the land.

    Hunger Calls Free Highlights
    • Thirty-six challenging levels to get through.
    • Use a variety of power-ups to help your diner succeed including the ability to speed up the conveyor or to stop time.
    • Improve your recipes by purchasing taste upgrades using the money earned from your diner.
    • Decorate your diner with new wallpaper, furniture and more.
    • Three challenging boss encounters to test your hunger satisfying skills

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