How to Post Upcoming iOS Games and/or Beta Tests on the TouchArcade Forums

Discussion in 'Upcoming iOS Games' started by Eli, Apr 5, 2017.

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    Some quick tips on how to post an upcoming game to our forums. If you'd like to give the editor at TouchArcade a heads up about your upcoming game as well, send the info to [email protected].

    Unlike our main games forum, we don't really have a ton of back-end stuff that links together all the upcoming game stuff automatically, so there aren't a ton of rules for what to do here, so here's a list of best practices to get the most traction for your game post:

    1. Come up with a super descriptive thread title. Consider this thread as ground zero for building up hype for your new game, so use the thread title to sell it. Be sure to lead off with the title of the game and your studio name, but then succinctly describe what kind of game it is, mention if there's a beta test, or even a release date if you have one. If you need to change the thread title, report the thread to the moderators and include what you want the thread title changed to.

    2. In the actual thread body, be sure to include tons of different media. These days, it seems like the threads that get the most traction include a few animated .gif's showing some of the coolest parts of the game, explosions, or other things to instantly wow people.

    3. Be sure to include when people can look forward to playing the game, whether that's a specific date, or just a vague time range. People like knowing when they can look forward to things that look cool. If you have no idea when the game is coming, just be honest with where it is and what the plan is, honestly seems to go a long way with generating community interest.

    4. The TouchArcade community has some of the best beta testers you're going to find for your upcoming iOS game. Feel free to post beta test sign-ups here, and when conducting the actual beta test, encouraging people to post their feedback in the actual thread will go a long way in getting other non-beta testers excited for your game when they see other people talking about it so much.

    5. The overall goal whether you're just posting a teaser or doing a full-blown beta test should be to open a dialog with our community. The best responses we see around here come from when developers use our forums as devlogs of sorts, as people can subscribe to threads and know the instant you or anyone else posts a new update on a game's development.

    Anyway, that's about it! It's easy!

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