How to I find a publisher?

Discussion in 'Public Game Developers Forum' started by EvilDingo, Oct 3, 2012.

  1. I've been looking around a little bit in the forums for advice on how to approach a publisher. I've self-published my own work until now and have managed a great outcome on Android (20 million downloads and growing) and recently on iOS with my latest game.

    One thing they all lack is that extra polish and critique a professional publisher can give. I've read about the pros and cons of publishers and I want to try this route myself.

    Where do I start?

    How do I contact them (some obviously have contacts on their websites, some don't) and more importantly WHO do I contact?

  2. Zenout

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    I bet any publishers reading your post will look for a signature with links...
  3. defred34

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    Aug 27, 2012
    20 million downloads is a lot. If that really is the case (which can be debatable given that you don't have any links etc), you should easily find a publisher. Or go down your own publishing route.
  4. Ndemic Creations

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    With a game that successful - a lot of publishers will get in touch with you.

    In order to find other publishers - look at publisher websites and send an email to their developer relations or biz dev department.
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    With a game as successful as yours (even if it is a free game), I think you'll easily find a publisher.
    Just do some basic research regarding the most successful publishers in the mobile space and then e-mail them with details about your next game, links to your app portfolio and to the Google Play/App Store pages of your apps (so that they can see how many downloads/reviews they got).
    That said, I'd love to know/try out your games so, if possible, try to add them to your signature as that also helps get some exposure around here.
  6. Thanks everyone. I managed to get in contact with a large publisher. I will update my signature with a few links too (once I'm home tonight.)

    I think this should be a win/win situation.
  7. defred34

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    Aug 27, 2012
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    Anyway, I saw your Android portfolio. They're all basically live wallpapers, with just the one game thrown in for good measure, but live wallpapers don't work on iOS as we know it. Besides, 20 million downloads is certainly not too difficult if you've got 60 apps over in total. I think you misled everyone here into thinking you have good game(s).
  8. Actually, half of those are just free versions of the paid versions. I have four released games. Although I only started making games last year, they have over a million downloads collectively. My puzzle game, The Floor Is Lava, was featured for a day on Amazon getting over 100,000 downloads in 24 hours.

    My current game, Cliff Diving 3D, is number one in iTunes in a few countries and was (as of yesterday) the second most popular app overall in Germany (only YouTube was more popular.) It's currently getting around 30,000 downloads a day.

    My apps have been purchased over 100,000 times on Android alone.

    The best part is I haven't finished my ambitious games yet.

    I don't feel I misled anyone, actually. ;)

    I appreciate the advice for finding a publisher.
  9. Snozberry

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    Jan 21, 2012
    Hmm has someone been bitten by the jealousy bug?
    Your comment was really quite snappy, for no apparent reason.
    He was just asking advice, it's not like he was misleading a publisher to sign him without seeing his portfolio. Asking randoms for advice doesn't require proof or whatever.. Everyone here was more concerned with the numbers rather than the actual question that was asked.
    It's sad really.
    I just checked out the iOS games this guys released and they are all pretty good quality.
    Quite amazing 3d graphics. I was expecting crap because of the polish comment, but the games are already pretty polished.
    The bowling game looks really nice, I might pick it up actually.
    The titles aren't really that creative though.. Something with more zing would be good. But with 20 mill downloads, I guess titles don't really matter. (screenshots speak for themselves maybe)
  10. Thanks for that. I was reluctant to even respond.

    My bowling game is getting a big update soon and it makes it much, much better. I added local multiplayer, pick up spares mode, and themed lanes.

    I want to make more substantial games (I love rogue-likes) but as you know, those are more risky. You can spend 12 months on a concept and have it flop right out of the gate.

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