How to get apps from other countries

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    Do you live in the US and want to get ipint?

    Do you live in Europe and want to get Oregon Trail (and most other good apps)?

    Well, here's how!

    (you need to have more than one credit card and e-mail, because you will need to make another account, and apple won't allow any 2 accounts sharing an email or credit card number)

    Make a second account, this time in whichever country you want an app in

    Get the apps you want

    Click on "store" then scroll down to authorize computer

    Log in to your main account

    Click on "download purchase"

    It may take a while, depending on how much music, apps, shows, and movies you have, but eventually, you'll get what you want!

    Note - to clear up any confusion, you will still need to pay for apps that cost money

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