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    A multitool is the most essential part of a good Everyday Carry (EDC) kit. Sometime you will get into situations where a screwdriver, a pair of pliers, or a small knife will come in handy. If you have one of the best rated multi tools with you, you will be able to flexibly respond to the situation rather than having to deal with the inconvenience of not having the tool you need at your disposal.

    But if you are merely inconvenienced, you are still very lucky. At times, like in self-defence or survival situations, good multi tools can be lifesavers.

    Despite knowing the benefit to having a quality pair of multi tools, it can be challenging to pick a good model from the market. It’s not just that there are literally thousands of different makes and models out there, it’s also that there are many things to take into consideration when you are buying for one. This whole ordeal can become confusing really quickly if you are not an expert on the matter.

    We can fix that problem for you. Just follow this buying guide and you will be an expert in no time!

    Different Types of Multitool on the Market

    There are many types of multitools available on the market. Depending on what you are looking for in a multi tool, you can take your pick accordingly.


    General Purpose Pocket-Knife Multitool

    This is the most common type of multitool and is well suited for EDC. These are the most frequent mentions on the best multitool reviews due to their popularity and ease of use for the average consumer.

    Aside from having all of the common tools (a pair of pliers, a bottle opener, and filers) these multitools put special focus on their knife blades. The type of the blade can be different from one model to another (some allow you to customize the blade type) however, these top rated multi tools are all designed to double as dedicated pocket knives other than being your portable tool box.

    Electrician Multitool

    If you are an electrician or frequently have to deal with electric systems in your job or you often do home repairs, electrician multitools will be the best multi tools for you. They have all of the common tools like pliers and knife blades, but they also include some special tools like an electric crimper and several different types of wire cutters.

    Military Multitool

    Needless to say a quality pair of military multitool will usually be the best multi tool on the market. They are heavy duty with solid construction to deal with the harshest of environments and withstand the strongest of shocks. They are also filled to the brim with essential tools for survival purposes as well as tools for disassembling weapons. We highly recommend this type to campers, hunters, and those who regularly have to go into the wild.

    Typically, military multitools are designed for quick deployment: a soldier in the middle of a battlefield will want to have a tool at hand as quick as possible because even seconds can be the determiner between life and death. You can use this capability to your advantage.

    As mentioned, these are usually the most expensive and highest rated multi tools on the market. Though it is going to be quite an investment, they are made to last so you can keep a pair for several years before needing a replacement.

    What is the Best Multi Tool?

    And here is the important question: how do you pick the best multi tool after you know the type of best multi tools that you need?

    There are five things to take into account.

    How Would You Like to Carry It?

    Do you often find yourself needing immediate access to your multitool?

    If so, you would probably want to look into a lightweight multitool with a strong clip. You can attach the multitool onto your belt or your pocket for easier retrieval and deployment. Something like an ultra-portable highest rated multi tool would do.

    If you are okay with putting your multitool in your backpack, it’s okay for your chosen multitool to be a bit heavy and without a clip. Because there’s no weight limit to them and they don’t need to focus on compactness, these bulkier multitools are more versatile with a wider range of tools so they are going to be the most useful multi tool that you can have at your disposal.

    Do You Often Need Real Tools At Hand?

    Don’t mistake a good multi tool to be a cure-all-treat-all. Sometimes a full-sized screwdriver or hammer will be of far better use to you. So take all of the tasks that you frequently have to do into consideration and list out a few jobs that will require you to have full-sized tools.

    But you don’t have to make sacrifices. Even the heaviest multitool is portable enough you can carry a combination of the multitool and some full-sized tools for when you need them.

    Who Makes the Best Multi Tool?

    There are dozens of reputable, best multi tool brands on the market that you can go for. But whatever you choose, make sure to avoid unfamiliar names. You will never go wrong with popular brands like Gerber, SOG, or Leatherman, who have been making high-quality multitools for years now. You will also have full, thorough warranties with each purchase for extra peace of mind.


    Should You Have A Blade in Your Multitool?

    Many multitools feature a blade knife, which can be pretty difficult to shop for. Besides from being sharp, it must also be durable and have a robust locking mechanism to keep it folded and out of the way. Other than that, you also have to take into account whether you want your blade to have a serrated edge and where its position should be in your multitool.

    A blade is definitely one of the most useful tools that you can have in a multitool. However, one that is not properly positioned, not well-designed, or well-made can be frustrating — even dangerous — to use. Make sure when you invest the money it’s going to suit your needs and meet basic quality requirements. If not, we recommend you to return them immediately to trade for a new, better one.


    These are the most basic things and considerations that you ought to take into account while you are browsing for a new multitool. If you are planning on making a purchase that’s worth your money, pay close attention to them.

    But you don’t have to go out there and spend time and effort to browse through thousands of different models. Here on our site, we got a couple lists of the best multitool reviews - Top Rated multitool on the market for you to put your newly-acquired knowledge into use immediately. Check them out at your own pace!

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