How Did Your Development Teams Form? (Advice on Finding a Developer?)

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    For a while, I have played around with the idea of starting an app development team. I have power in the iOS world thanks to the many sites I am associated with (totaling hundreds of thousands of users worth of "free" marketing) so I already have the advantage of not sinking into the unseen 99% of apps with a powerful marketing plan. The main issue is that I am not a developer in any shape or form, and that is of course the most necessary dedicated team member.

    Overseas, there are sites where you can find outsourced labor that is begging for work (some of it for under $5/hour), but quality turnaround won't be up to par on most of them; examples I've seen are hideous.

    What I would like to do is offer a developer profit-sharing since marketing reach is so high for the team, but the majority of developers know not to rely on profit-sharing since there's no guarantee that they'll even be paid back for their time despite how there's always an off-chance the game could be the next Angry Birds.

    How do development teams typically form? Would love to hear insight and experiences.
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    My advice : Don't be afraid of using people from overseas. There are some great people out there - just need to put the time into finding them
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    Agree with Ndemic. I think he works with developer and designer from Czech Republic, I am from Slovakia, country just near. Middle / East Europe designers + developers are pretty high skilled and talented. Good luck with your plan!

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