HOT Games broke?

Discussion in 'Site Feedback and News' started by Jayg2015, Aug 18, 2018.

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    Some of the best features seem to be bugged or broken. Hopefully they are looked at soon.
    Still hope to see a preview game icon added to games section like the old thread. Helps because we all know game names are deceiving
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    Yup, I'm in complete agreement. Unfortunately it's been borderline impossible for me to get any development resources to get this fixed. A lot of this stuff ties in with AppShopper which is also pretty screwed up and almost has no reason to exist anymore after Apple kills the affiliate stuff. You won't find someone more frustrated about all this than me.
  3. brogmoid

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    Thanks for starting this thread. While not a big contributor to forum threads here, I did check the TA Hot Games page several times per day to learn of forum threads about interesting new games in my preferred genres.

    I appreciated TA because I found many great games in this way. But unfortunately I haven't been able to get anything useful from Hot Games since the redesign, due to issues that are discussed in this and other threads here.

    I've also appreciated App Unwrapper's reviews as we generally like the same genres, so I just became a patreon donator to her site. Hopefully that will fill the gap left by TA, it felt like a better move than sitting around complaining.

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