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    Hello All,

    We are small team witch we are making now simple and easy games for ANDROID devices, We called our Company "ASKr GAMES", We like to let you know that Horz FER will be SOON in App Store.

    We Like to share with you some images about the game and we like to hear your opinion about the game.

    As you know we are new team and new development we like from you supporting us , that will make us make the best games for the best players.



    you can Check the full images in GooglePlay:


    Just small Description of the game "Horz FER":

    The game is one of the best Adventure Games, We will released Soon sing-player after that will be update for multiplier after we get the player opinion about the game.

    The player is car / boat / submarine / airplane ....
    The player will explore more that 4 Big Worlds.
    In Every World the player explore +12 big levels...
    The player can uprage the car/boat...
    Can improve the Wepones....
    Improve the health,Shield.....
    many enemy will follow you like Police cars or boats , helicopters , airplanes....

    Please give us your opinion its very important for us.
    If you have any quotation please fill free to share it below!!!!

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