Horse Quest Online - The first ever online Multiplayer Horse Adventure [FREE]

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    :)Today we released 'Horse Quest Online'! Players will take on the story of a wild horse destined for adventure, hoping to unravel the mysteries of Maplewood forest.

    There, they can make friends with other players in a real-time multiplayer environment and explore the untamed wilderness together. Players complete quests at their own pace to further unravel the imaginative story and level up their beloved horse.

    Download Free [Google Play]

    Launch Trailer [YouTube]


    The key features of 'Horse Quest Online' include:

    Over 80 imaginative quests, from trail rides and jumps courses to finding hidden items and chasing away raccoons! Each quest brings the player's horse closer to unraveling the mystery and fulfilling her destiny.

    Personalisation of horses including many combinations of horse breeds such as Quarter Horse, Arabian, Shetland Pony and even the popular Clydesdale. There are also different coat colors to choose from, and show off to online friends.

    Players can make friends within the game and private chat to each other, adding to the fun!

    What do you guys think?

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