Hoot for iOS goes FREE for the first time ever!

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    Our game Hoot is now free! Only for a limited time, though!


    Dr. Parliament is intent on bringing chaos to the world. He has been in hiding for years, working on his evil machine, the Entropizer. He knows that there are those who would stop him, so he has built armies of robo-owls to defend his lair. The robo-owls are fearsome, but they have one weakness. You see, due to budget limitations Dr. Parliament was forced to use defective sound circuits for his robo-owls. Instead of a menacing screech, the robo-owls are capable of only emitting oddball chirps, whirrs, and beeps. What's more, when a robo-owl hears other robo-owls that make the same sound, it malfunctions. The malfunctions aren't pretty. Your mission is to wreck Dr. Parliament's defenses by exploiting this weakness. Good luck... the world is counting on you!

    tl;dr: Fun game with wacky sounds and robo-owls, get it free for a limited time.

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