iPad Hooked: Pocket Fishing Temp Price Drop

Discussion in 'iPhone and iPad Games' started by PocketFishing, Oct 15, 2008.

  1. PocketFishing

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    Oct 12, 2008
    Howdy Everyone,
    I am one of the developers for Hooked: Pocket Fishing and I wanted to let everyone know that we have decided to drop the price of our app down to $0.99 for the next few days. During the initial app upload process, the incorrect version was sent to Apple. Unfortunately it contained some minor bugs that we had not intended to be there. The game is still playable and we have received lots of great feedback; however, we just felt that since it was our mistake in uploading the wrong version of the game we should offer it for a price lower than what we intend to sell it for in the long term. The state of the game as of current is only the beginning! The update to fix the bugs has been sent to Apple and it runs smoothly and without any hick-ups. Hooked: Pocket Fishing will remain on sale until the update is posted. If you haven't played our game yet, I encourage you to do so. It really is the best and most in-depth fishing experience for the iPhone or iPod Touch. For more information head on over to www.pocketfishing.com or check out our silly video on YouTube by searching for hooked pocket fishing. Feel free to send us any emails with suggestions and requests. We love to hear from our users. Thanks again.
    -The Dude at www.PocketFishing.com
  2. davidovich

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    Sep 26, 2008
    Thanks for filling us in "Dude." You have a hit on your hands, or I should say, in your hands. I can really see this game becoming like an X-Plane type game, not in terms of genre, obviously. But, like X-Plane and a few other titles out in the App Store, the core game is solid out of the gate, and the updates that will be made, will really just enhance the already tightly implemented concept. We appreciate your honesty and hope you keep us in the loop as the weeks pass. Take care.:D
  3. I don't mind paying what I paid as it still plays well, even with the occasional bug or needed improvement (I posted my ideas in another thread here ). At least we know the update is on it's way. Cheers.

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