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  1. C-Rock81

    C-Rock81 New Member

    Nov 24, 2010
    Coming soon from C-Rock Productions

    Hollywood Golf!!

    -Hollywood Golf is played based on the principles of six degrees of separation and scored like a game of golf.
    -Six degrees of separation is played by linking 2 actors to each other, using the movies they are cast in with other actors as links.
    -The game is scored like a golf game by representing each link as a stroke.


    Hole 1:

    Al Pacino & Val Kilmer

    Par 4

    Answer for Par:

    1. "Al Pacino" in" The Devils Advocate" with "Keanu Reeves"

    2. "Keanu Reeves" in "Chain Reaction" with "Morgan Freeman"

    3. "Morgan Freeman" in "Bruce Almighty" with "Jim Carey"

    4. "Jim Carey" in "Batman Forever" with "Val Kilmer"

    Answer for a Hole in 1

    1. "Al Pacino" in "Heat" with "Val Kilmer"

    -Each Hole has a max of 6 links (six degrees rules).
    -Hollywood Golf also includes a fully animated miniature golf game that plays out your strokes.
    -Each hole is an animated parody of one of your favorite movies!
    -The full version features 2 full courses of 9 holes.
    -Hollywood Golf has its own built in database which is used to verify your links.

  2. C-Rock81

    C-Rock81 New Member

    Nov 24, 2010
    My first game

    This will be the first game I have made. Does the concept sound like fun? Any support would be great. Thanks!!!
  3. lord-sam

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    Feb 25, 2009
    United Kingdom
    Sounds like a cool concept. I like the concept of 6 degrees, so putting it in a game is cool.

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