'Hollywood' Composer? Indie-Friendly! [ FOR HIRE | PAID ]

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    Jul 26, 2019
    Are you looking for an audio teammate who is equally happy to be in front of an orchestra or behind a synth array, who reveres the old and embraces the new, and who can leverage decades of training and experience toward making your game the best it can possibly be?

    Hi! My name is Kent, and I write narrative music: https://rcrft.co/reel/KentKercher/toucharcade

    I have worked on the music teams for big Hollywood projects such as Justice League, Men In Black: International, and Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, but I really have a special passion for video games. So much of my own love of memorable music and powerful storytelling came directly from Nintendo, Sega, and Sony—in fact, in homage to this, I recently released a couple of Creative Commons CC-BY albums of late-90s-style video game music loops, both available for free on my Bandcamp: https://kentkercher.bandcamp.com.

    Interested in talking more? Please reach out here or via DM—I’d love to hear about the fantastical worlds you are creating!

    To aid the search algorithm, here is a list of the genres/aesthetics you will hear represented on my linked demo reel, all of which represent styles I am interested in creating more work in. (Also note that, if you do not see a particular style you are interested in, I’d still recommend reaching out—this is not an all-inclusive list!)

    • Retro Kart Racer
    • Western/Americana
    • Uplifting Children’s TV
    • Cheeky Collectathon
    • Costume Drama
    • Rural Solarpunk Point-and-Click
    • Cartoony 3D Platformer
    • Gentle Children’s TV
    • Low-Poly Water Level
    • Family Popcorn Flick
    • 50s Kitsch
    • Children’s Educational TV
    • JRPG Cave/Dungeon
    • Retro Shōnen Anime
    • Ambient 16-Bit Platformer
    • Post-Chiptune
    • 60s R&B/Soul


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