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    Hello there,
    my name is Michael and I represent a project currently looking for a web-designer.
    Note that this is NOT game related.

    Our project leader is a highly merited man within our industry and a leading innovator who has now taken the step and founded his own company.

    Due to unforeseen events, we are now nearing completion and find ourselves without a web-designer!

    WE NEED YOU who
    - is a natural talent in web-design, without too much experience, as we wish to avoid the "classical" mind-set type designers.
    - is unemployed or a student
    - is ready to work with free hands/experimental designs.
    - is willing to invest time into this project without up front compensation, or if so desired, a symbolical sum,
    as this is a zero fund project for the next 3 months.

    ***Payment and full-time employment will be offered to all members of the team at the time of launch!***

    Is this you? Unexperienced? A natural? Willing to take a chance at something bigger?
    Or do you know someone who fits this description?

    E-mail us at "k-man (at) k-man (dot) net" and we'll talk further!

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