Universal Hippo Quiz Game - IAP pricing?

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    We're the developers of the semi-popular but high-rated quiz game Hippo for iOS.

    Hippo, which contains ads as the only monetization channel, has been on the market for just over one year now and within a month we'll be introducing an ad-free version as IAP.

    We've been discussing the pricing of this IAP for some time now. We're discussing 3 solutions:

    1) Tier 1 ($ 0.99)
    2) Tier 2 ($1.99)
    3) Tier 3 ($2.99)

    What we've learnt from other apps (e.g. Wordfeud etc.) is that Tier 3 is the most common price for an ad-free version. Furthermore, it allows us to run sales by lowering the price for a limited period.

    On the other hand, Tier 3 may scare to many customers away, who could potentially have purchased at Tier 2 or 1.

    What is your experience with pricing of ad-free versions and do you have any recommendations?


    PS: Oh yes, any comments on our quiz game would be highly appreciated :)

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