Universal Hills of Steel 2 - Realtime 3vs3 Tank Action in App Store

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    Available on the App Store 3rd of June 2020:

    • 43M player hit game finally gets a sequel after 2 years of development
    • Team-up with friends or play to get new friends
    • 3vs3 team matches in realtime
    • 6 different game modes and 10 tanks to choose from
    • Customize your tank with tank parts and skin options
    • Global and country leaderboards
    • Season 1 has started: Play apart together!
    Game brought to you by Superplus Games.

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  2. ste86uk

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    May 9, 2012
    Why does it say released today when the update notes say it was released over a year ago?
  3. kalle@superplusgames.com

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    Hi, thanks for the question!
    We put the game out a year ago in few countries (aka soft launch) and today it's available in all countries.
    The reason why we needed to have it tested first in few areas with limited amount of players is that the game is actually pretty complex from technical POV as it has super fast but still realtime PvP gameplay, team of 3 against team of 3. We needed to optimize the servers a lot until the experience is what it is - non-lagging. :)
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