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    Aug 29, 2016
    Hi there,

    Following this forum for a while but never having taken the action to post, I wanted to finally present my project now that it's showable (and even, almost ready!).

    So this is an old-school racer, typically in the vibe of Outrun and similar. You don't drive against opponents, not to make the best lap or other form of competition, but simply for fun, and to discover the different environments proposed in the game. This adds a "freestyle" touch to the game, which is not far finally from an endless runner, with some randomness but basically scripted levels (turns, hills, opponents are randomized each game though).

    We opted for very simple game mechanics using accelerometer from the very start and sharply fine-tuning the controls and fluidity. While a lot of people told us they were skeptical, they all got accustomed to it and us too, thinking it's just part of the fun and the challenge now.

    What's more, the game currently also runs on PC and iOS (we use Cocos2d-x). There is a pretty advanced and visual level editor coded in C++/CLI, that we plan on maybe releasing later so that everyone could do his own circuits. We are three, me as a coder, Steeven Flores as graphic artist and Cactus Bear (http://thecactusbear.com) as musician. Since it's our first "pro" project, we shared a lot of tasks together, like game design and level design. All in all, we made the game just like we would have imagined bringing our beloved arcade machines on our phone.

    Here are a few screenshots. We're also running a beta, so if anyone is highly interested in testing the game, do not hesitate to come in touch with me via the forum :) I'll leave you with a few screenshots and a video showing the game in action.

    If you like it and would like to follow the official feed, you can subscribe to this page: https://www.facebook.com/Highwayrunners.thegame/
    Else we'll keep you in touch on this forum. And hoping someday (soon) we'll be reviewed here hehe ;)


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