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Discussion in 'iPhone and iPad Games' started by mrbass, Feb 28, 2009.

  1. Ok I have this game Hey That's My Fish think it was like $25 or so board game which is a nice filler game. Only problem is it does take a few minutes to setup each time to play. Recently alerted that there was an equivalent that came out Feb 17th in appstore called Mining Bots. Has more strategy than you'd think. Basic strategy is isolating your opponents into little islands so you can hog all the gems. Can play against AI or 2 players on same device.

    Just get the Mining Bots free version has those ads by AdMob and very bottom and there is $1 version to get rid of ads just in case they annoy you. I have an explanation of gameplay with screenshots on my site from 2006 for Hey's That's My Fish. Only difference is instead of moving unlimited in Mining Bots you can move up to maximum of 3. Also it has 3 boosts per game which allows you to cross a gap which you can't do in Hey That's My Fish. Also Fish is 8 x 8 and Mining Bots is 6 x 7. Those are the only 3 differences though.
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    Hi mrbass, many thanks for the tip! I am an avid boardgamer and have Hey Thats My Fish on the shelf too. I would've never looked at Mining Bots without your post.

    I'm waiting for some developers to grab boardgame licences for iPhone. How cool would it be to see some of Reiner Knizia's games like Ra, Samurai or Blue Moon on idevice :D
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    More Detail On Mining Bots (Free vs. Paid)

    Actually free version of Mining Bots is 7 rows by 6 columns (7x6) but paid version is 8 rows by 6 columns (8x6) and much harder :)
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    Was this game pulled, or is Mining Bots not available in the US for some reason? I searched for it, but no luck, and the link above doesn't find anything in the iTunes store.

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