HexGods: Arena of Destiny

Tomaz Jerman
Dive into "HexGods," a riveting strategy board game that challenges your tactical prowess and card management skills. Wi…
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Dive into "HexGods," a riveting strategy board game that challenges your tactical prowess and card management skills. With over 200 unique cards, from the common Silver to the rare Legendary, build your ultimate deck to dominate the HexArena. Start your journey with 48 unlocked cards, customizing your deck to suit your strategic preferences. In "HexGods," strategy is your greatest asset. Engage in intense 1v1 battles on a dynamic board that shifts with each round. Manage your energy stones to deploy cards effectively, crafting your path to victory with each move. The game evolves with you; collect crystals through victories to forge new, powerful cards, enhancing your deck and gameplay. Victory in the HexArena is not just about battle; it's about strategic growth. Ascend through 150+ ranks, facing increasingly challenging opponents and earning rewards that bolster your arsenal. With normal and premium currencies at your disposal, unlock chests, earn daily rewards, and convert currencies to gain a competitive edge. "HexGods" stands out with its visually stunning card art, from the ethereal Angels to the formidable Gods. Each card type brings unique strengths to the table, supported by high-quality, almost realistic artwork that immerses you in the game's fantasy world. Prepare to engage in strategic battles, craft your legendary deck, and climb the ranks in "HexGods." With its blend of board game mechanics and strategic card play, "HexGods" is a must-play for enthusiasts looking for a deep, engaging gaming experience. Join the battle in the HexArena and forge your legacy! Details on Subscriptions 1. Subscription Pricing & Billing You can subscribe within the game for "Premium Membership", for .99 a calendar month. 2. Subscription Content Subscribers can enjoy the following privileges during the period: - Daily +199 Premium Currency - Daily +3 Crystal Shields - Converter: Boost 414% APR (Boost length: 28 days) - Converter: 10000 Max Capacity - Converter: Free Unlock - Converter: Free Revive (Every 7 Days) 3. Auto Renewals The App Store Subscription feature renews automatically via your iTunes Account. Users can manage the subscription through your iTunes/ Apple ID Settings Manager. The subscription will auto-renew for the assigned billing period if the auto-renew feature is not turned off 24 hours before the current subscription expires. 4. User Agreement and Privacy Policy  User Agreement https://wargeneral.wixsite.com/hexgods-tos Privacy Statement https://doc-hosting.flycricket.io/hexgods-arena-of-destiny-privacy-policy/5da5d140-ae5e-47a2-8adb-68467a0e3fd4/privacy 5. Subscription Cancellation If you would like to cancel your subscription, go to “Settings” on your iOS device, tap “Apple ID”, then tap “Subscriptions” and select the subscription for “HexGods: Arena of Destiny” to cancel it.
Seller:Tomaz Jerman
Genre:Board, Strategy
Release:Jun 18, 2024
Updated:Jul 03, 2024
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