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    iTunes Link http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/HEXETERA-Triangle-Puzzle-Game/id397113888?mt=8

    Video Teaser www.hexetera.com

    Triangle Puzzle Game for iPhone and iPod touch out now!

    Move, explode, rotate, color, destroy and drop PRIMARIES pieces in a triangular grid to form single color Hexagon (HEXA) and Diagonal (DIA) formations.*Formations explode on creation, causing PRIMARIES above them to fall.
    Look out for SECONDARIES and Reward Buttons. SECONDARIES are falling pieces that help or hinder you. Earn Reward Buttons when you make formations and charge through the levels. DIA formations are fun and a challenge to make. They get the most points. Levels get faster and targets get harder.*

    • 2 Game modes, Jupiter and Infinity
    • Jupiter mode has 16 challenge levels that keep your fingers dancing
    • Infinity mode gives you endless play till your battery runs out
    • Random Play. Falling pieces, PRIMARIES or SECONDARIES, are completely random, each time you play
    • Colorful level graphics, pieces, explosions, transitions and animations
    • Intuitive movements for players of all ages
    • All-original sound tracks and sound effects
    • Play your iPod music option
    • In Jupiter mode, the quicker you reach level targets or make a formation, the higher your scores
    • In-game Leader boards included. (Global leader boards coming soon)
    • Post scores on Facebook
    • Post scores on Twitter
    • Share scores via email

    Let the games begin!
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    PROMO CODE! - First in First served


    Please rate and review.
    Let others know if you've taken code. Promos coming on demand.

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    Entered the code it went through but the app didn't start downloading I'm interested in the game though :/
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    Please let me know if it downloaded ok. Promo code is new.

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    Youtube Teaser Video

    Quick Teaser for HEXETERA gameplay. Hope you all like it :)

  6. Looks kind of like a slightly different twist on Tetris/Columns-type gameplay. Could be interesting but being the jaded gamer that I am I'll await some impressions. :) (Haven't tried the above code but I guarantee someone snagged it. Codes posted publicly have a shelf life of around two-thirds of a second around here. :D)
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    Jun 25, 2010
    <snort> I agree totally!
    This looks like a pretty interesting puzzler.
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    I have a couple of Promo codes. Would love to see what you have to say. Private message me if you interested
  9. hexetera

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    Private message if you want a promo code. Would like to get your impression on this.

  10. hexetera

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    Promo codes

    So far ...

    Promo codes giveaway ≠ Rating or Review.
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    Kind of like Trism meets Tetris. I love the colors!
  12. Thanks to the dev for the code. I had a go at this. I went in under the impression that it was basically a hexagonal Tetris or Columns, and realistically that's more or less what it is -- kind of a mashup of the two played on a hexagonal board, but with a few extras thrown in.

    Gameplay is pretty self-explanatory, and it uses swipe and tap gestures to play (left/right to move the piece, down to guide the piece down, tap to rotate) but the way they're implemented is actually very effective and intuitive, which made playing the game quite smooth, so kudos on the control scheme. Graphically it's quite polished; it's obvious a lot of time was spent burnishing the visuals and interstitial effects, and the effort wasn't wasted.

    Most of the challenge comes from altering your approach from thinking lines to thinking hexagons, which is a little more challenging than you might think, especially when multicoloured pieces come into play.

    I'll fully grant that it's a very well-produced game on all sides, from the visuals to the sound to the controls; I find absolutely nothing to complain about here. The gameplay itself however still feels very Tetris-like, albeit skewed 45°. A very good Tetris-style game, to be sure, and it does have a few variations in gameplay, but it isn't quite enough to get away from Pajintov's legacy. However I'm told that this is just version 1.0 and there's more to come, so it will be interesting to see where they ultimately take things.
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    thank you!

    We are so pleased with your objective review. Its brought a lot of smiles across the entire team here. We are amazed how well and quickly you've seen where a lot of our work effort went. We hope we have your permission to use this review in our promotion efforts.

  14. Glad to help. Feel free to use whatever you see fit. :)
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    Will leave a review on the App Store later today, but just wanted to say the game is really good. I enjoyed the twist on the age-old Tetris games with the hexagons. The colors and controls are pitch perfect and it's nice that there's a speed control. Overall, a well-polished game for those looking for something a little bit different and more challenging than Tetris.
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    Killer review, man.
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    Thank you!

    Thank you awp69 for your review here and in the App Store! Really glad you enjoying it

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    Promo Codes

    Please note Promo Codes given to us can only be redeemed by the US Appstore. Australia, Germany, Canada and others missing out all the fun :(

    I believe this is true for all games, correct?

  19. You are correct unfortunately; other countries can't even give out promo codes for use in their own country's App Store. Been almost two years now since Apple updated the App Store to allow them yet no support for other countries. Just the US. :p
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    Let's start trending

    Although our first experience with the App Store, we feel the saturation in the iOS market.

    Its almost as if 50 Promo codes are no longer enough to get the curtains raised for every decent app.

    We should all maybe get together a day or two (covering all timezones) and trend #MorePromoCodes to get Apple's attention on Twitter.

    Any seconds to that?

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