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[THE GREATEST HERO RPG MASTERPIECE YOU’VE BEEN ALL WAITING FOR!!] Showcasing a novel RPG mobile game with battle techni…
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[THE GREATEST HERO RPG MASTERPIECE YOU’VE BEEN ALL WAITING FOR!!] Showcasing a novel RPG mobile game with battle techniques like no other! Over 60 greatest heroes with their unique stories are invading the app store!! Easy to control and Play!! “This world is created by six Gods… And when they created the world, they also created a creature to keep the balance of the world on their behalf, And they named it [DRAGON]. Dragons, the representatives of the six gods, kept the balance of the world, And humans worshiped them in delight. However… The Dragons changed. As they gained more and more admiration from the people, their arrogance and greed grew as well. Instead of keeping the balance of the world, they destroyed it, putting everything into a state of chaos. People tried to fend against them, but everything was hopeless in the face of the Dragon’s power. Chaos and despair… The Dragons’ rampage destroyed everything, even the hopes of the people. By the time everyone was about to surrender, the six heroes appeared. They fought fiercely and finally reached the Dragons’ nest. And there, they face their final battle to put everything back into order…” However…” Download now and get a 0 starter pack for free! 0 STARTER PACK DETAILS: -Day 1: 100,000 Gold!! -Day 2: 1,000 Incarnites -Day 3: 3 Day Silver 1 Trial -Day 4: 100 Free Passes -Day 5: 10 Prime Pass -Day 6: 30 Blue Potions -Day 7: 1,000 Crystals NEW SERVER [WELCOME GIFT] DETAILS: -30 Green Potions -100 Free Passes -100,000 Gold -100 Crystals -120 Incarnites [FEATURES] 1. MASSIVE CONTENT - Story Mode - Guild - Guild Raid - Guild War (Update pending) 2. ONE-TOUCH SKILL SYSTEM - Easy control system optimized for mobile gaming 3. HIGH-QUALITY DESIGN - High-quality characters and backgrounds based on the advantages of 2D gaming physics. 4. FULL VOICE ACTING (Update pending) - All player characters, NPC, story text, and tutorials are offered in high-quality audio. 5. ULTIMATE PROMOTION SYSTEM - Up to 5 stars promotion and optimal evolution - 13 levels of upgrades - Character Skill level up system 2017 Update Details: 1. Additional Language Options (Chinese S/T, French, Korean, Spanish and Russian) 2. Deletion of Skill Points (No need to wait for it to be refilled) 3. Polished Tutorials 4. Additional Social Push (For Gold rewards) - Add Friends - Request Friends to log-in 5. Polished calculation of team damages 6. Segregated Timer on Packages 7. Additional rewards to returning Heroes 8. Changed Portions of Start Pack 9. Faster and easier evolve system *DISCLAIMER: Due to high-quality graphics, this game requires at least an iPhone 5 or iPad 3 for smooth gameplay. Please use the most updated IOS version for optimized gameplay and minimized bugs. [Global 100+ country with Rating 4.5+ Most Addictive Hero RPG!!] Download now and get a 0 starter pack for free!! Available Languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Korean, Chinese, Taiwanese, Russian
Genre:Role Playing, Strategy, Adventure
Release:Jul 04, 2016
Updated:Sep 19, 2017
Size:41.8 MB
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