Heroes Quest:Magic & Sword

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Become the hero destiny foretells you will become and join this redefining mobile MMORPG for FREE! Battle your way throu…
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Become the hero destiny foretells you will become and join this redefining mobile MMORPG for FREE! Battle your way through a mystical world with roguelike game play and the most exciting fantasy mobile experience! Heroes Quest is a role-playing adventure like no other. Gather your valiant heroes together to prove yourself in battle fighting hordes of powerful enemies. Crush your foes to dust in challenges with your friends, fighting your way to victory and glory. Explore deadly mazes and discover a world of magic defeating dark minions as you search for treasure… Engage in devastating conflicts, levelling up your heroes, upgrading your equipment and charging runes to become more powerful. Wield a mighty sword as a Barbarian Warrior or cast spells as a Queen of Flames searching for maps, dodging traps and finding chests of gold. Start an epic adventure through Arun, a fantasy world of sword and magic. Recruit heroes of all races: Humans, Dwarves, Elves, Goblins, Werewolves and even defected Demons! From defeating the bandits to battling against powerful foes from the Abyss, and ultimately slaying the evil dragons. Travel through vast magical landscapes and explore North Mount Wood, Maze of Shadows, Gravel Heights, Ancient Wood, Eastspring Keep and much more! GAME FEATURES • Begin an epic fantasy role-playing journey to explore the vast Lands of Arun. Battle your way through challenges to follow the quest of the prophecy. • Fight your way through deadly dangers, collecting over 40 heroes with unique skills and characteristics to help your adventure succeed against the odds. • March forward in dangerous quests, discovering a magical world of legendary items with affixes of special effects. • Disarm traps, fight and defeat bosses and discover hidden treasures in the Maze of Shadows. • Combine active and passive skills to carry out various attack, defence, support and crowd-control effects. • Explore the dangers of Arun and fight for a rank in bucketed Arenas. Protect your expedition teams while looting others' and vanquishing your foes. Heroes Quest is an immersive fantasy role-playing experience and free to play. Virtual items can be purchased as you battle your way along your adventure to accelerate your game progress but are totally optional. Which heroes will you choose to face the monsters, mazes, perils and dangers of Arun? Heroes Quest is everything you want in a mobile role-playing game. Download the app now and begin an adventure to test your skills in legendary battles against dragons, giant spiders and more… Follow us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/heroesquestgame/ FAQ: http://www.heroesquest.tk/index.php/heroes-quest-faq/ Terms of Service: http://www.heroesquest.tk/index.php/end-user-license-agreement-and-terms-of-service/ Privacy Policy: http://www.heroesquest.tk/index.php/privacy-policy/ Support Email: [email protected]
Seller:Viper Game
Genre:Adventure, Role Playing
Release:Jul 05, 2016
Updated:Apr 20, 2018
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