Universal Heroes of Steel (by Trese Brothers)

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    The game only has auto-save. If you get stuck in a hard area and the 1-turn rewind doesn't work, if you hit the Restore button, it will take you back to the last major, safe resting zone. Usually an inn or a nearby waystation. The story event you were in resets, and you've got another chance to prep, get buffed, buy potions and try again.
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    Awesome! Let us know what you think. Don't miss the all new crafting system :D
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    Summer updates are the best kind of updates -- a big one hitting iOS today!

    If you're playing on Mac, check out our Steam Summer Sale deal -- save 50%!

    v4.4.11 - TODAY!
    - Added 2 new dungeons in the final Ember area in Episode 4
    - Added ability to exit Ember and return to war camps
    - More Episode 4 content coming in next releases
    - Wherever shown, Buffs and Curses include level #
    - Fixed story issues related to Vlotgar's fate

    v4.4.9 - 6/?/2017
    - Added more magical gear to loot groups in Episode 4
    - Fixed issues with new accuracy and weapon stat display
    - Fixed issues with armors impossible to craft, fixed Kiresh Bolter
    - Fixed map bugs and typos

    v4.4.7 - 5/23/2017
    - Fixed issue leaving Tower Battlements in Episode 4
    - Fixed loot group issues around Tretherin Staff
    - Magical weapon stats shown inline with accuracy and defense
    - Accuracy and Defense display indicate strong dice with an 's'
    - Accuracy and Defense display show calculated totals for all dice pools
    - Fixed map bugs

    v4.4.5 - 5/15/2016
    - Fixed Kyera's legendary items to have +1 Move Point bonus
    - Re-fixed issue with leveling Sneak or Mystic Talents after story event
    - Fixed issues with spikes on Tower Battlements and repeat dialogs after Restore
    - Fixed issue with disappearing Stealth and Dodge bonuses in Crafting display
    - Fixed map bugs and typos

    v4.4.3 - 4/28/2017
    - Added 16 new Bloodstones to Episode 1 - craft early and often!
    - Fixed issues with Vincent's Legendary Weapon - reload game
    - Fixed Head Taker's Boon and Words of Holy Bond items
    - Fixed issue with leveling talents, re-ordering group after new story events
    - Fixed issues with Crafted Armors, uncraftable armors, weapon names
    - Fixed exit from Ruins of Platinum Peak, impassible tiles in Great Salt Flats, empty chests

    v4.4.1 - 4/22/2017
    - Epic Episdoe 4 Expansion Pack, the penultimate story update!
    - Start new story arc by visiting the Crone at palace in Freeport
    - Meet with Laranda d'Colliar by meeting with Balgair in Freeport tavern
    - Added 12 new dungeons
    - Crawling with 15 new monster types and major bosses
    - Added 120+ new epic weapons, armor and gear
    - New Legendary Items story events for Kyera, Vincent
    - Fixed tons of map bugs and typos
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    Exciting to see both Heroes of Steel and Templar Battleforce appear on RPG Reloaded's Best Tactical RPG list! An honor to be shoulder to shoulder with Banner Sage and others --


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