Android Heroes of Otria - Classic Platformer

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    Apr 6, 2020
    One day Pampi woke up and went to check his garden, but evil beetles plundered garden Pampi and began to seize village.
    With courage in his eyes, he rushed to the defense of the villagers and he was able to drive out the bugs. But bugs can return at any moment, and destroy the village.
    All he could think of was to make pumpkin armor and set off to free the lands from bugs.

    Fight with bugs for protect your garden and village. Find stars to open new portals to the worlds of bugs. Defeat the huge bug bosses. Collect vegetables to replenish your health.

    - Beautiful graphics.
    - Easy controls.
    - 5 Levels, 1 Bosses
    - Collect stars
    - Secret zones
    - Platformer with double jump
    - Dangerous adventure
    - Regular updates

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