Heroes of Elements Match 3 RPG

Happy Panda Studio Pty. Ltd.
Welcome to the world of elemental magic, the Epic Match 3 RPG. It’s a game to immerse yourself and puzzle your way out t…
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Welcome to the world of elemental magic, the Epic Match 3 RPG. It’s a game to immerse yourself and puzzle your way out through an adventure by unlocking epic match 3. Join the fight between Heroes of Elements and crush the Feng Shui Corporation with challenging match-3 battles. In Match 3 puzzle games, the Heroes RPG matching takes places between teams. The Heroes of Elements in this puzzle battle games can easily pick and play. One can challenge match 3 battle RPG to level up their Heroes. And, to level up in epic match 3, Heroes need to learn skills, positioning their Heroes in a different formation and use the power of elements to conquer their best foes. In Epic Match 3 RPG, there are five elemental advantages available: Metal, Wood, Earth, Water, and Fire. The heroes need to be aware of the surroundings and match the gems with the same elements to charge his/her skills. By combining the elements, you get large combos to do massive damage in puzzles epic match. When the icon of any Hero in puzzles epic match lit up, tap it to use the skill. Choose a highlighted card as it targeted. By using the card, you can attack the enemy with a one-two punch. Each Hero will get a bar on their card, which shows their life span. While playing the battle, one can press any hero card for one second to view details like skills and attributes. Note: 1.Use your strategies and find the right match to make perfect use of your Heroes and their ability. 2.Beat your opponent by taking away their potential moves. 3.Launch your attack and defeat them. Heroes of Elements: Match 3 RPG Features •Match 3 gameplay with an RPG twist •Collect and upgrade your heroes •Build your team •Different ways to play •Daily rewards •Share the fun •Excellent Futuristic Environments Get SET and Start your Journey! •Epic Match 3 puzzle games come with RPG twist where you need to merge the tiles with exact RPG matching. Take benefits of the element’s strength and weakness to defeat the small to big enemies. •Choose your super Hero and accept the challenge to collect and upgrade your Heroes. There are 14 Super Heroes, 3 Classes, 5 Elements and 4 Different Skills you get. To level up your super Hero, you need to understand the skills and use its power carefully. •Arrange your super Heroes in best formation. Protect your healer, located behind a warrior. You can also line up three mages to get maximum firepower. Your Hero can get mythrils by winning the battle with three stars. (Mythrils is used to upgrade your Hero’s skills, these are very rare so need to use it wisely). •By entering in the daily rift, you can accept daily challenges and fight the battle to earn massive rewards. Let’s go, and try it now! •To earn daily rewards, you can play a few free stuffs that pop up while playing. As you’re playing the best match 3 puzzle games, we ensure to offer the best possible rewards. We call our players, our super Heroes as they love to play the battle with fun and style. •Play the daily leader board tournaments and PVP and test your heroic puzzle quest while on your journey. We promise you’ll enjoy totally, as we provide more challenges in epic match 3 RPG than any Heroes of Elements. •Get Marvel like feel with Super Heroes elements, unique effects, diverse character cast and fun-seeking challenges.
Seller:Happy Panda Studio Pty. Ltd.
Genre:Card, Puzzle, Role Playing, Strategy
Release:Apr 22, 2018
Updated:Jan 10, 2021
Size:181.0 MB
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