Heroes Lore vs. Seed 2: Vortex of War

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    Both games offer variety of classes, especially the interesting gunner class. I do like to discuss some pros and cons with the two. I'm almost done with Seed 2 but just started with Heroes Lore so I can only tell some of the differences I do notice.

    Heroes Lore


    + Better graphic, similar to Across Age DX
    + Characters feel more emtional especially with the changing facial expression
    + Ability to attack monster w/o having it to be in a straight line in front of you
    + Interesting combo system (not fully explored yet)
    + More classes


    - Terrible Frame Rate (Could be the reason why EA'a delaying NA release)

    Seed 2: Vortex of War


    + Fast and smooth gameplay, really enjoy the combat better than HL
    + Detailed animation, better than HL (normal attack, not sure about magic)
    + Better character portrait
    + Cute female(Gina) portrait


    - Monster needs to be in a straight line in front or your attack will miss him u less you are in a close combat range
    - Poor graphic, direct port from cellphone so graphic is just a zoomed in version. Blurry
    - Cheesy story. Script is a joke. Almost felt asleep if it weren't for the skip option
    - Character has no facial expression. Limited emotion from NPC and main char. The love romance is a joke.
    - Lack of character development (Maybe the same for HL, not sure)

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