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    For what it’s worth iap’s for cosmetic items is fine so long as the prices are reasonable.
    I would also suggest you offer a dlc package where all cosmetic items can be bought at a discount in one go.....for completionists like myself.
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    Thanks for thinking along! It makes sense what you are saying. What I could think of is the following:

    Currently, the wardrobe expands for each level you complete with a couple of items. However, not everyone always likes to finish all levels in order to unlock all the items. Moreover, in order to be able to play all levels, one would need to buy the full version of Herodom. What I could do, is add another iAP purchase that unlocks all the items for the wardrobe, without you needing to buy the full version of Herodom and completing all the levels. Instead, you unlock all the items right away so that you can use them in the wardrobe from the start.

    I think that would be fair, the only thing is that someone that already bought the complete version of Herodom, and played all the levels and unlocked all the items doing so, will not get anything when buying this additional iAP. Of course I can try to communicate this as clearly as possible, but it might still happen.

    What would you say about such a setup?
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    In V6 of Herodom, I added the possibility to cook dishes. You can serve these dishes to you customers for resources, and sometimes you can even unlock new heroes with them!

    Dishes are made by combining ingredients. And each dish recipe consists of three ingredients. You can experiment your self, but if you want to unlock dishes without experimenting, you need to have a bit of luck: Some villagers that visit the farm know a recipe. Tap on them, and maybe you are lucky!

    But let me share some recipes:

    - Create a quiche Lorraine by combining chicken, pig and leek

    - Create a tomato soup by combining tomatoes, garlic and chili pepper

    - Create a fruit salad by combining peach, raspberries and blackberries

    Share the recipes you discovered here as well! And if you have a suggestion for a new dish: Let me know and I might add them in the next update:)
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