Hero Unleashed

Young il Ko
●● This is a large file. Download it by Wi-Fi. ______________________________ - A new tale of Black Stone - The Blac…
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●● This is a large file. Download it by Wi-Fi. ______________________________ - A new tale of Black Stone - The Black Stone was destroyed and evil beings began to invade the kingdom. Ned’s party was entangled in “that” incident and they were wanted. However, by current situation of kingdom, they got freedom of their movement. Collapse of kingdom by the evil invasion. The new rising of hostile tribes expelled by kingdom. The independence of Leda and conflict of it. Now, Ned is swept away by hard time. Please be there with him to overcome adversity. ______________________________ - Enjoying Hero Unleashed - ● Adventure - You have to find and defeat the ringleader of the incident by going through the regions of the collapsing kindom and chaotic Leda area. - Explore all areas on the map and Find & Complete the mission meeting many people. ● Fight - Using virtual gamepad on the screen, you can move or attack. Find skills and equipment and make various combinations. - You can develop your character. Acquire and equip items. Obtain relics. Obtained items can be more powerful by forging it. - Try many achievements and leaderboards.
Seller:Young il Ko
Genre:Action, Role Playing
Release:Jun 10, 2016
Updated:May 15, 2018
Size:250.6 MB
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