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Get ready for an epic adventure of microscopic proportions! Journey inside the human body, slingshot your way through t…
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Get ready for an epic adventure of microscopic proportions! Journey inside the human body, slingshot your way through the circulatory system, and wreak havoc on unwanted invaders. Pinball off of arteries, veins, and obstacles to rid the body of harmful bacteria! This is your chance to ZAP, SMASH, and BLAST illness at the cellular level. Disease doesn't stand a chance when YOU are the resistance! Features: ● EXPLORATION - Make your way through The Bloodways and solve puzzles as you encounter inhabitants of the body! ● CUSTOMIZATION - Endlessly mix and match gear to create goofy new bots. Find full sets like the tiger outfit, or get creative and make your own style! Unlock goggles, mustaches, jetpacks, puppy ears, and many more. ● EXCITING BATTLES - Pathogens come in all shapes and sizes, and you'll have to fight them all! Bounce and ricochet until you squash these invaders. Fight hoards of bacteria or giant infected cells, and not to mention... BOSS BATTLES! ● GOOFY GIZMOS - Find gizmos like the School Bus Basher or the Kitty Laser! Upgrade and experiment to take down enemies and solve puzzles. ● FORMIDABLE FOES - Face off against a variety of enemies, each with their own abilities and powers based on real life bacteria and viruses! ● PUZZLES - Test your understanding of the human body without the boring homework! Use platelets to clot wounds and call in white blood cell backup to defeat powerful foes. There are new puzzles to solve and discoveries to make in every level! ● LEARN ABOUT REAL DISEASES - Learn how diseases affect the body and how to manage them. More diseases coming soon like sickle cell and diabetes. ------------------------------------------- Hemonauts includes one free pack of levels and allows players to purchase additional level packs themed around different human illnesses. This game has been optimized for iOS 10.0 and above. No internet connection is required to play the game. Visit our website! https://www.hemonauts.com/ Are you a science or health educator interested in bringing Hemonauts into your learning environment? Get involved! https://www.hemonauts.com/get-involved Privacy policy: https://www.hemonauts.com/privacy Terms of service: https://www.hemonauts.com/terms-of-service
Seller:Thrust Interactive
Genre:Action, Family
Release:May 24, 2021
Updated:May 25, 2021
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