Help with Baseball Slugger: Home Run Race 3D

Discussion in 'General Game Discussion and Questions' started by thepowersin1, Aug 6, 2009.

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    Aug 6, 2009
    Hello, I am looking for some insight & help with this game... I have had the game for over a month & was in love with it. I really only played the online match up & for a few days I was at legend status & ranked number #1 in the world... then everything changed... I started losing match after match & have now got to the point were my rank & droped down close to 1000 & I can't seem to win a match...even against players ranked #9000 rookie. I know whats happend...I just can't figure out why or how to fix it. For whatever reason when playing a match my score meter only moves a fraction of the amount my apponents does when hitting the same hits or home runs. And cycling is the same way. The amount of score i get when hitting say 5 home runs in a row is roughly half the amount my opponent gets. So realy I have found the only way to win anyone now is to cycle through the whole match & hit 10 or more homeruns in a row without missing a single one or I will lose. Which is pretty hard to do. I hit nine in a row routinely & still get beat every time. I also have the maxed out blue lightning gear which seem to be the best available, but does not seem to help now. Even with that gear it shows my power & other stats only at ~50%... How do you keep raising your stats if there is not any better gear available to buy?? I have a ton of gold balls but i don't want to use them on equipment that is more infereior than what i am already wearing... If anyone has noticed or experienced this can you post. I feel like I am just missing something... i really want to figure this out so I can get back into the game again... thanks!

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