Help: Which name is better for this snail game?

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What is a good name for this game?

  1. Snail Adventure

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  2. A Snail's Tale

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  3. Snailed it

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  4. Super Snail

  5. The Marvelous Snail

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  6. Super Snaeil

  7. S.N.A.I.L

  8. If you have creative thoughts on the name of this game, please leave in the comment below!

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    This is an idle RPG game. It is a story of a Snail(or Bird),trough his own efforts, he/she eventually surpassed all races, including humans, and became the story of the strongest creature.
    Friendly reminder: The plot content of this work is extremely 'fularious', please do not drink water without permission before playing.

    Featured Gameplay

    For:Plot Lovers
    1. Marvelous Snail is not only a game, but it also has a playable story. Any gameplays will tell a story. Then the details of the gameplay will be integrated into the whole system and Snail's world view. Every detail will become part of the whole story.
    2.The cutscenes of the story is carefully crafted. It is very easy to understand the basic plot

    For:Causal Players
    1.It is an Idle where where it allows players to gather supplies through AFK.
    2.Easy to use, all operations can be done with one hand
    3.There are decent knowledge presented in the story plot, easy to learn if wanted
    5、More than 400 kinds of valuables collection to satisfy any collection addiction
    6、Include but not limited to: Constant food production, tadpoles cultivation, a vending machine that can evolve - a cat that grows uglier and uglier, birds and strange people with gifts.

    For:Strategized Players
    1、Eight countries: each country has different ways of playing - Fusang Ninjutsu, Huaxia's General cards, American hero collection, England's roguelike maze, Eero tower defense, etc
    2、Each country has three different plots across from time - past, present, and future
    3、Every country will have a corresponding domain of gods. The demon gods are there for us defeat them
    4、Growth within the dungeon: Each dungeon has a unique growth system
    5、Random events will occur at unexpected time, be prepared!
    6、Fight the fighters, defeat them to have them join your Army of Champs to conquer the world!

    For: Idle Game Players
    1、Five Dimensions of Realism: Culture, Art, Faith, Technology, Popularity. Culture achieves destiny, art determines the pattern, belief represents the will, technology changes the future, popularity means.... on top of the trend!
    2、Evolution:Muscle evolution, predator system evolution, brain domain evolution, neuron evolution, vision evolution. Each evolution will impact abilities/power, it also will change your appearance! You can become who you want to be with different emphasis!
    3、Mutation:Angel, demon, zombie……different mutation will come with different abilities/power
    4、Valuable Collection: Over 400 Valuable items can be collected in the game, each has it's unique abilities/power!

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