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    Dear fans of gaming

    I address you on behalf of the gaming studio Notre Game from Prague, Czech Republic. Let me ask you to help us with an issue we are currently dealing with.

    We are almost finishing the development of a new game called Scratch Lords, a mobile collectible card game, offering players online PvP battles. Players will be playing tactic turn-based battles with 3D heroes and weapons in epic arenas. The game guarantees that there will be an exact number of hero and weapons cards issued in every edition, moreover every hero will be like no other (unique appearance, stats, names, etc). So you can imagine millions of unique cards with different initial rarity. Hero characters are also gaining experience and could be upgraded and learning spells. So you can improve your initial stats by playing. There will be many opportunities for play like leagues, friend battles, boss battles...

    We would like to allow players to trade cards outside of our game on the web platform for real money (secondary market). They have the opportunity to earn or buy the best cards for their strategy or game style from other players.

    We are considering two possible ways of future development of that secondary market and we would like to design it according to the majority of potential players.

    1. The First way is a possibility to buy cards as NFT tokens and also make your own NFT tokens from cards bought via an app for virtual currency (probably from the rarest one). These tokens will be tradeable on our NFT marketplace on Binance blockchain or the markets as players wish. Trading will proceed in cryptocurrency (our special “scratch coin” token).

    Pros: NFT means that the information about the owner is decentralized in the blockchain. Nobody can steal it or change it.

    Cons: Players have to pay the gas fee (could be about 1$), has to have their crypto wallet, and some small amount of BNB coins for gas fees there.

    1. The second way is not the blockchain one. Imagine a classic web platform where you can trade cards for real money. You select cards for trading from your collection, set the price (or auction), and let other players buy them for classic fiat currency (for example USD).

    Pros: Easily accessible for everybody even for players who don't want to dive into the crypto world.

    Cons: Centralized database of the heroes. We will be the authority who will give you the guarantee. We will try to give this guarantee as much high validity as possible (each edition will be known and accessible in data and also considering that these data about the edition we will “freeze” in some NFT token)

    • Which way do you prefer and why?
    • If you prefer the way without cards in blockchain, how we could call our cards if we would like to emphasize their uniqueness and crypto-like characters. Could it be for example cryptoheroes or it's too confusing?
    • Do you have any suggestions for card category names, which could help us introduce their special features to the players?

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