Help needed to Fix Marketing Mistakes

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    Oct 11, 2015
    Hello TouchArcade,
    We are a small team of 2 and we have made a grave error with regards to how we marketed our App.
    Basically we have done all mistakes which can be done. I will list them here.

    1>Didn't notify the press/review website about our game.
    2>Didn't create a social media accounts until 1 week of release.
    3>Released the game on the Saturday.
    4>Released the game "automatically".
    5>Released the game without App preview
    6>Released the game without App analytics(Thought it will violate privacy rules and we didn't have privacy policy ready in time)

    The game has some really high quality graphics. I am a software engineer with background in security systems, so this field is entirely new to me.

    We were so worried about the Apple review process(We got rejected because of App Age Rating first time) that we had to remove the App preview from the review process.

    We didnt' have any idea of the importance of Day 1 Hype that we are struggling for visiblity on the App Store.
    Right now we have like 40-50 page views/daily of the game on the App store.

    Is it a wise choice to pull the game from the App store and then relaunch it, or we have a new update(1.2) which is in Beta review for the moment(i.e Test flight).
    Patch 1.2 has got some really new nifty features like Replay kit,Some game balance tweaks,app analytics integration.

    Does the game update show under "new releases"?

    I am happy to hear some ideas from your past experiences about how you guys increased the visibility of your game.

    Touch arcade thread.

    Best Regards,
    Ganesh Mamadapur

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