Hello! Meet my game, The Curse of Shadow House

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    I'm a huge fan of games like Shadowgate, The 7th Guest, Demon's Forge (anybody remember that one?). I would like to share my adventure game with everyone.

    It's called The Curse of Shadow House. The Game Takes place in a Victorian era Gothic setting. The premise is, you are a young woman, who sets out on an adventure to find a fabled Blue Rose. Along the way, through a chance encounter, you are bitten by a vampire. You wake up in a strange house, and begin exploring and unraveling the tragic story of the Shadow family while trying to cure yourself. You will find sheet music, among other things, and be summoning the "ghost wife" of the villain when you play the piano, and she will guide you and help you on your quest.

    The game plays similar to other mobile adventures like Firemaple's The Lost City (I'm a fan of the minimal interface and lack of clutter in Joe's Hud), in that you explore from scene to scene interacting with the environment. In addition to the standard collecting items and using them, I have characters and dialog trees/choices, an interactive journal, some cool atmospheric animations, an old piano that you can make music on (which is instrumental to the story) and some other cool surprises to make the game enjoyable and memorable. I am doing all of the game design, the artwork, the writing, sound design, and most of the soundtrack myself. I have an awesome programmer working with me coding the game in as3/Stage3d/Air and I have a very talented composer contributing a couple tracks to my own original soundtrack. I basically wanted to make my version of a Haunted House adventure.

    I finished a successful small kickstarter campaign to help get the project off the ground in June, got backed by some amazing people and It's coming along great. I'm looking to release the game this fall around Halloween maybe a few weeks after. (As we all know, depends how the rest of the development process goes!)

    Hope you will enjoy it, and thanks for welcoming me to the community!


    When the time comes, I plan on giving away some promo codes to people who would enjoy playing this type of adventure.

    Here's some screens from the game. (Although they are not finished, it should give you an idea of what to expect)

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