Hearty Journal: Keep your precious memories in a beautiful way.

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    Hearty Journal is an online personal diary and journal app with a focus on privacy. It visually looks like a picture book. With a unique and compelling UI and user experience, it makes writing online as easy and intuitive as writing on a pad of paper. But coming with extra features your paper journal and diary don't have. Let you create diary entries with beautiful illustrations, photos, YouTube videos, and cute stickers.

    The app is free to download, but requires an account to start writing. In order not to lose your precious life stories due to phone failure or any accident, entries will be encrypted and synced to the cloud for backup. All connections are encrypted via TLS 1.3 - technology designed for online banking, when you're using Hearty Journal on any of your devices. You can also set a password lock. Once set up, all your Hearty Journal apps which are installed on different devices will be locked. It's very reassuring as a diary.

    Many people have the habit of keeping a diary. People write down lives they want to live and the future they envision, not just work. The purpose of this is to help you balance your ideals. Some people just focus on work when making plans. But a good life must be happy in all aspects, not only in work, but also in life and self. And Hearty Journal makes it more convenient and beautiful for you to record all of these.

    Features of Hearty Journal ...
    1. Focus on writing, Ad-free⭐
    2. Create a custom title & date in each post⭐
    3. Draft posts are automatically saved as you type them⭐
    4. Show local weather in your posts
    5. 20 luxury fonts can be used on Hearty Journal⭐
    6. Add images to save your memories⭐
    7. Attach video from YouTube to collect favorite songs, movies, vlogs or others⭐
    8. paste on lovely stickers to decorate your daily life⭐
    9. Cook up a playlist for your favorite songs
    10. Export TXT files and images on your computer to keep copies⭐
    11. Organize your entries with #tags
    12. Easy to search entries for a specific word
    13. Turn on passcode and keep your diary safe⭐
    14. Keep track of your menstrual cycles with period tracker
    15. Exchange diary entries with friends, besties or loved ones
    You can do these things in Hearty Journal ...
    • Murmur
    • Keep daily reflections privately
    • Pour your heart out / brain dump
    • Keep an affirmation and gratitude list
    • Get rid of melancholy
    • Protect and attract 'good energies'
    • Treasure good memories
    • Make a to-do list
    • Write reading / movie / travel notes
    Download Hearty Journal App from App Store
    Download Hearty Journal App from Google Play
    Go to Hearty Journal Desktop Website

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