iPad Hattori - realistic Ninja Fighting Multiplayer game.

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    These are dynamic death fights with your friends and strangers all over the world. They’re seas of blood and shurikens made of real steel there.


    Special key features:

    1. 1. Free of charge. Equal conditions for anybody. Anyone can defeat another person and they don’t have to pay for this.
    • 2. Multiplayer. Only fights with real rivals. Either friends or random strangers around the world.
    • 3. Brutal. No cartoons or silly childish things. Real blood, real weapon, real rivals.
    • 4. Unique. Innovative gameplay, unique detailed graphics, live voice. The game does not clone anyone. It’s a completely new, innovative and unusual idea.
    • 5. Fast. Dynamic 30 second fights. Play anywhere at any time.
    • 6. Intuitive. The rules are clear from the first seconds of the fight. Play with one finger, that is you can hold the device with only one hand.
    • 7. Complex. Each opponent and each fight are unique. It’s not so easy to pump the speed and accuracy. You may have a physical fatigue of fights. You should develop your own combat tactics to win.


    What is the point?

    There’s analogy with old ninja movies where people threw shuriken the following way: they were holding a pile of ninja stars in one hand while the other hand was throwing them towards the rivals.

    Instead of a pile of shurikens you’re holding a smart phone in one of your hands while the other one is throwing realistic shurikens towards the rival by moving the mouse over the screen. The level of injuries incurred by the rival depends on the accuracy of each throw. At the same time you’re being attacked by numerous deadly ninja stars. Dodging is impossible, but you can be the first to finish off the rival and therefore "survive". Each conducted fight increases the gaming experience and personal skills. The more experience you gain the more chances you have to get shurikens with more lethal force. It’s a full set for a fun-filled entertainment!

    There are only real people as your rivals. They’re users from anywhere in the world. It’s cool to fight with friends, but you can also fight with a stranger. That’s a minute face-to-face stabbing fight.

    It’s cool that a shuriken being thrown from a screen of somebody’s smart phone breaks through the space and time and approaches a rival’ screen without changing the predetermined path. That’s a virtual reality in action. A unique sound and animation will add more drive and excitement to the game.


    What else?

    Playing with a live rival, at another part of the world is something enchanting, it’s an inexpressible feeling. This is not a case where you are stuck in the fields of Dota for two days. A lightning impulse, more or less a good connection and a free minute (if you manage to break away ...) are enough. Traffic jam? Waiting for a doctor’s appointment in a queue? Boring lecture? You just make a fight request and then you’ll see how shurikens are flying- it means someone is crazily playing on the screen at a furious pace, trying to knock out your soul. And you, as two ... uh ... weird dudes are yanking hands with smiling faces.

    The coolest thing, in my opinion, is to play with friends. You’re looking for them in the search engine, or simply choose those from the list who’re nearby. And here we go! When I tested the game with a programmer, he beat me. In 15 seconds. I was furious. This aroused a wild competitive spirit in me.

    I started practicing. Here you are trying to get an improved shuriken to punish the upstart. By the way, a nice bonus - hands hurt after the game. So much for the exercise.

    Frankly, we were madly happy when we saw the reaction of the first witnesses of our ninja fights. The whole car full of people were watching us when we decided to test the Hattori in the subway.


    Peculiarities of the game:

    1. 1. Fights are only with real people – either friends or random strangers.
    • 2. A search for nearby rivals using geolocation, with the possibility of attacks. It’s possible to search for a rival by his name.
    • 3. It has its own built-in rating system among friends and players around the world.
    • 4. Realistic shurikens are used as weapon, each has its own story and you have to win each of them. Real blood and live voice.
    • 5. A unique combat system. When you throw a shuriken from the screen of your smart phone, it breaks through the space and time and approaches a rival’ screen without changing the predetermined path. This provides you with an excellent opportunity to develop your own individual strategy for victory.
    • 6. Physical exercise. Every fight consumes physical energy so it’s an efficient way of exercise and burning calories.
    • 7. A system of missed requests. If somebody is sending a request to fight, but you can’t fight at the moment, the missed request will be saved and you will be able to answer later.
    • 8. A soft system of monetization. If you want to double the experience gained for the fight just look at the infomercial.
    • 9. The game is available in all languages and in all countries.


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