Hanx101 Trivia

BlueLine Studios Inc.
Get ready for the ultimate trivia adventure with Hanx101 Trivia, the app for both casual and competitive players! Unleas…
Get ready for the ultimate trivia adventure with Hanx101 Trivia, the app for both casual and competitive players! Unleash your knowledge and embark on a journey through various fun play modes designed to challenge you. DAILY TRIVIA CHALLENGES Sharpen your wits with our daily trivia challenges, featuring 11 new expertly curated questions that will become the highlight of your routine. Learn something new every day and discover something with our fun facts. The challenge awaits; are you up for it? SPECIAL EVENTS Immerse yourself in knowledge and learn more about special events around the world. Our themed in-app events add a new layer of excitement to your trivia experience. Be sure to turn your notifications on, in Apple Arcade so you never miss out on the thrill of these special occasions. Trivia has never been this fascinating! HANX101 MODE Embark on a quest to complete your mission of answering 101 questions. With over 100,000 questions and answers, it couldn’t be more exciting to finish all 3 tiers in Hanx101 mode. Can you answer and conquer all 101 questions and claim your spot at the top of the rankings? Practice makes perfect, and regular resets keep the quiz competition fresh. PLAY ANYTIME, ANYWHERE No internet? No problem! In the Hanx101 mode, you can play anytime, anywhere. The fun is always at your hand; now, you can play a trivia game offline. EXPLORE TOPICS Test your knowledge across nearly 20 quiz topics, from entertainment and food to cars and music. Hone your skills and watch them pay off in the Hanx101 mode. Fuel your passions by playing your favorite topics or discover new ones – the choice is yours! FUN WITH OTHERS Ready for some healthy competition? With 1v1 or 2v2 multiplayer mode, you can compete against your friends or anyone around the globe to ascend the rankings. Game Night Bring the fun to your next party or family gathering with Hot Seat Mode. Play with up to 4 players locally using one device! Be the fun friend who always has the “board game in their pocket”. CASUAL OR COMPETITIVE - YOUR LEAGUE, YOUR RULES Choose your path – play casually for fun or compete fiercely to ascend the rankings and become the trivia champion. With Hanx101 Trivia, you're now in another league, and the journey to the top starts with a single question. Hint: Play any mode and earn trophies. You'll be able to unlock special power-ups and craft cards and use them to your advantage. Need help or have a question? Please write to us at [email protected] One more thing - Don't forget to follow Hanx101 Trivia on social media: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hanx101trivia/ TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@hanx101trivia Website: https://www.hanx101.com/
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Release:Sep 02, 2022
Updated:May 21, 2024
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