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    Hey, recently posted a big update for my game and decided to post it here :) This game is a great time killer and I hope you enjoy playing it!

    Link :


    Welcome to Halloween: Stanford, a game dedicated to the theme of a very interesting event - Halloween! Complete the basic training and learn how to scare unsuspecting children. Take sweets from them and decorate your house. Don't let the kids have a good holiday!

    Game Features:

    ● Endless and fun gameplay!
    ● Lots of atmospheric sounds and exciting animations
    ● Absolutely new in its genre gameplay
    ● A large number of different characters
    ● The game is suitable for both children and teenagers

    Tons of stunning home decorations such as:

    ● Flying ghosts
    ● Creepy clown door
    ● Large living tree
    ● Scary cemetery
    ● Deterrent fence
    ● Fire pumpkins
    ● And many, many others!

    Prove that it is you who can create the most terrifying house not only in your village, but also in the world! Have fun and take your time with this game!


    ScreenshotOne (2)mdpi.png ScreenshotTwo (2)mdpi.png ScreenshotThree (2)mdpi.png ScreenshotFour (2)mdpi.png

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