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    The famous fruity party game played by millions of people around the world is now available for your iPhone and iPod touch!!!
    All three versions of the board game are included with amazing graphics, music and sound effects: Halli Galli, Halli Galli Extreme and Halli Galli Junior.


    • ARCADE MODE - Play until you can't hold up with the game's speed. Endless fun against the clock.

    • SINGLE PLAYER - Play against three AI players in three different difficulty levels!

    • Single device MULTIPLAYER - For true head to head experience, play with two players on the same device.

    • MULTIPLAYER with several devices - Play against your friends with up to four players on Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

    • LEADERBOARDS and ACHIVEMENTS - Race to prove yourself against other Halli Galli players from all over the world!
    Both OpenFeint and Game Center are integrated

    Appstore link:

    Game play Video:

    Pr: http://www.iphsoft.com/HalliGalli/Halli%20Galli_PR_15092010.pdf

    Website: www.iphsoft.com/halligalli
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    It's german, it's pronounced:

    Hulle Gulle! ;)

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