Habadus 1.0

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    Habadus 1.0

    Habadus is a game which I've developed for the android platform.
    I would be thankful if you you'll give it a chance and try it out.
    I would also be thankful for any review / any bugs found / comment you plan to post.


    Habadus is an Adventure - RPG game in a 'Side Scroller' open world.

    The 'Habdarians' are unique creatures, they are shaped like humans, yet much smaller!
    Play as 'Habadus', an 'Hadarian' character which gets washed in to this world of wonder we live in, and sees the world from his perspective.

    Grass fields will become forests for the 'Habdarians', Insects will become monsters, or friends, small toothpicks combined with glass shards will become weapons and many other objects will shape shift and mostly not have the same goal we, the real humans gave them.

    -↗ Features ↗-

    ↗ A lot of very unique quests, not the usual 'RPG' quests.

    ↗ Approximately 8+ hours of constant and non repetitive game-play.

    ↗ Three different classes.

    ↗ Unlimited amount of levels.

    ↗ Many different spells.

    ↗ Tons of locations to discover!

    ↗ Many different items to buy, and find.

    ↗ Dynamic game-play and combat, no turns, no waiting,- real time.

    ↗ Few entertaining and unique cut-scenes along with the main quest.



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    Facebook: Here

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