HÄUSER Magazine App Makes Its Way To The US!

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    Hello techies,

    Thank you for taking the time to read my post. I wanted to briefly fill you in on HÄUSER, the premium lifestyle magazine for exclusive modern architecture and contemporary design, announcing it will now be available in the United States for iPad.

    While the magazine is subscription based, the first issue of 2014 is FREE! Yes, I said it, FREE!

    What makes this app unlike any other design and architectural magazine app is that HÄUSER features the latest design and architecture trends targeting sophisticated readers with an esthetical taste for the finer things. The app shows the most homes that people actually live in. Beyond a typical print publication, the app features articles with interactive photos and videos and allows readers to expand construction plans for a more detailed illustration.


    The best part about this app is that the magazine features not only national design and architecture concepts but global concepts as well! I strongly recommend this app to anyone who loves to read about the latest and greatest global trends in modern architecture and interior design. Check out articles from retractable ceiling windows to circle skyscrapers on HÄUSER and let me know what you think!

    iTunes: http://www.oplytic.com/link/?user=4805&g=%7B9ABCF4BB-F3A3-4005-A77B-21C132C4FF5F%7D

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