Guroku Rainbow

Guroku Rainbow is the successor to the popular Guroku game, which is expanded with new types of stones, bringing even mo…
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Guroku Rainbow is the successor to the popular Guroku game, which is expanded with new types of stones, bringing even more gameplay possibilities and even more interesting puzzles to solve. The player moves colored stones around the game grid, which determines the directions in which a stone can move at a given position. His goal is to get the individual stones to the target square of the same color. Each time the player moves a stone in a chosen direction, that stone does not stop moving until it hits another stone or arrives at a position on the game grid from which it is no longer allowed to move in that direction. This principle forces players to devise clever solutions, such as strategically placing other stones in such places that the moving stone stops where it is needed. This unique game mechanic, which won the original Guroku so many fans around the world with its originality, is expanded in the new Guroku Rainbow with two new types of stones. The rainbow stone (from which the game gets its name) can be placed on a target field of any colour. And because in Guroku the stone can no longer move once placed on the target square, the player must keep in mind when strategizing for a particular puzzle that the stone may accidentally stop in the wrong place. And frankly, some puzzles are deliberately designed so that the player must try to avoid such a mistake. The white stone, which is the second new feature that Guroku Rainbow brings, also doesn't have a target field of its color in the game grid. In fact, its property is that the first time it hits a regular stone of a base color, it takes the color from that stone and it stays that color. The player must therefore search for a solution to the puzzle that will allow him to recolour the white stone to the required colour at the right moment. Both of these innovations have allowed us to prepare 100 new puzzles that come with the game. And we'll be adding more as part of each update - as with the original Guroku, which now has 200 puzzles. What can you expect? FEATURES ▪The game is free. ▪Simple controls - just move the stones in the direction you want. ▪The rules are easy to learn, our tutorial in the introductory levels will help you with that. ▪Although the rules are simple, you will have a hard time solving the puzzles in the higher levels. The game is especially suitable for those who like to exercise their brain. ▪Compare your performance with other players on the global leaderboard. If you solve a puzzle with fewer moves, you will get a higher score. See how others are doing. ▪Collect achievements in the Game Center to add variety to your gaming experience. This game is available exclusively for iOS.
Genre:Puzzle, Strategy
Release:May 25, 2022
Updated:Feb 07, 2023
Size:61.9 MB
TouchArcade Rating:Unrated
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Compatibility:HD Universal