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    Aug 20, 2012
    I have searched all over the Internet and can't find anything that would solve this problem.

    I am looking for a gta3 iPhone savegame right after the first mission that has all the 100 hidden packages found, all 60 firefighter missions completed on the three islands (20 per island), all 60 vigilante missions completed on the three islands (20 per island), level 12 of the paramedic complete + the adrenaline pill and heart, and if possible the 100 taxi missions complete.

    This would allow for all weapons at safe house, including armor health and adrenaline, infinite sprint, and six police bribes, and the special taxi.

    It needs to be first or second mission in the game that way I can do the story.


    -only first or second mission complete
    -100 hidden packages found
    -vigilante complete
    -firefighter complete
    -paramedic complete
    -taxi complete if possible*

    Thank you in advance if someone could find this or figure out how to hack the save game.

    It's possible to get the other 2 islands early

    And yes my iPhone 4 is jailbroken

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