Green the Planet

Kikaku Damashii, Inc
GREEN THE PLANET, GREEN YOUR LIFE. Have you ever heard of 'Green Style?’ It's a way of living that leads you to a relax…
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GREEN THE PLANET, GREEN YOUR LIFE. Have you ever heard of 'Green Style?’ It's a way of living that leads you to a relaxed life by greening a planet and making the universe a comfortable place to live. And, this 'Green Style' has come to draw a lot of attention recently. We GROW* are here to explain why: GROW*: Greening & Reviving Of Whole universe ------------------------- - 3 reasons why you want to go with ‘Green Style!’ #1: Exciting Comet Decomposers To green a planet, you need to decompose comets first. Use our “shoot’em up” type of Comet Decomposers that come with the spaceship, and soon, you will notice how this exciting activity can relieve your stress. #2: Quick'N Easy Greening Once you decompose comets, you will obtain the items. And, these items are converted into energy by the spaceship, so you can just relax and inject the energy into the planet. #3: Enhanced On-site Library Wanna check the items you obtain immediately? No problem! You will have an access to the library built in the spaceship. The more you collect the items, the more your intellectual curiosity will be fulfilled. ------------------------- [Voices from the ’Green Style' community] "I’ve never expected it to be so relaxing watching a planet become green. Now, I want to show it to my kids. I’ll take my whole family to the planet on my next vacation." (Parimmto from Planet Yazalaata, 2,492 yrs old) "Man, I love that Laser type that decomposes comets. I just have to do it every break I take while studying for my exams. It’s better than black hole diving!" (Ga Nmochera Lu from Planet Nmzee, 16 yrs old) "Yes, I know what’s hot and what’s not. I assure you everyone will be doing 'Green Style’ very soon and the New Cosmos Times will run an article about it." (Gloogy from Planet Zynatook, 4 yrs old) "It’s wonderful that I can do it every day at my own pace, no matter how busy I am and still take care of my children. I should tell my neighbor Mrs. Mozoda about it." (Monugi Mozue from Planet Moyak, 42 yrs old) ------------------------- Even though our service has just begun, many people have quickly become our supporters. Thanks to them, we were able to kick off a new spaceship development! Yes, the GROW’s new spaceship!! And, with this new spaceship, we will be able to respond to the requests like below: “I want to be able to go to other planets!” “Why don’t you make new Comet Decomposers?” “Can I check the current status of the planets that I have completed greening?” The new spaceship will be available in autumn of 20000016! So, call us now and start greening and enriching your life today! *Free trial available at a galaxy near you.
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